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The camshaft adjuster is the cam deflection bai control valve, which belongs to the du angle stroke valve. It is composed of the angle stroke electric actuator zhi and the eccentric hemispherical valve. The dao actuator adopts an integrated structure, and the electric actuator has a built-in servo system. Principle: Change the opening time of the intake and exhaust valves according to the working needs of the engine. When the engine is under high load, the camshaft adjuster is used to optimize the valve overlap angle according to the engine speed, so as to supply as much fresh air to the combustion chamber as possible, so as to achieve high power and overlap angle, so as to supply the combustion chamber as much as possible Fresh air to achieve high power and torque. At low loads, the camshaft is adjusted so that exhaust gas recirculation is generated inside the engine within the valve overlap angle.