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Stamping elbow is the application of more than a pipeline fittings, after welding the way articulated to ensure the smooth flow of the pipeline, then, the thickness of the stamping welding elbow specification is how? This is the design and construction of the problem can not be ignored, the following will give you a detailed explanation.

  Stamped welded elbow is stamped by the mold into a half of the ring elbow, and then two half of the ring elbow welded together and constitute the elbow products, but the varieties of pipe welding specifications are different, so the site construction of the thickness of the product also has a request.、


  In the process of stopping the calculation, the usual process of accounting for the wall thickness, the usual thrust and thrust of the interface can pass, of course, whether the pipeline docking can be configured correctly in the stopping of the pipeline calculation stamping elbow at the stress enhancement factor and the coefficient of flexibility, of course, from the beginning of the accounting check time.


  Calculate the wall thickness of the pipe at the stress enhancement factor of the stamping elbow, here after the weight of the elbow to stop the converted wall thickness, the line will be stamping elbow along the line to stop the open straight pipe, to ensure that the weight of the open straight pipe and the weight of the stamping elbow is the same, to get the stamping elbow for the weight of the stamping elbow converted wall thickness.