Variable valve timing (VVT) frameworks have incorporated sensors. On an ordinary motor, fumes and admission valves are open or shut contingent upon the driving rod and the example can't be changed. With VVT, it is conceivable to have the timing modified to coordinate the motor speed, force prerequisites, and valve cover. This increments both execution and efficiency. Another extraordinary preferred position of VVT is its capacity to take a portion of the heap off the driving rod by opening the valve before the finish of the burning stroke. The Oil Control Valve (OCV) is an a basic part utilized in each motor that is fitted with VVT. A solitary control valve will manage the gracefully of oil to an assigned valve center, to progress or retard the circumstance by adjusting the camshaft point position. Controlled by the ECU, the valve gets electrical signs, teaching it to alter the oil stream as required, in agreement to flow driving conditions.

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