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With the arrival of the new family era after 80.90, more and more people choose to customize furniture with ecological board? The materials of panel furniture are: ecological board, particle board, wood board, medium density board, particleboard, etc. So, what is the secret of EcoBoard becoming the preferred material for young people to customize furniture? What are the advantages and disadvantages of panel furniture in choosing ecological board customization? Let us take a look at the secret.

Definition of Ecological board

Ecological board, in the industry, there are many ways to call, common name is paint free board and melamine board. At first, it was called melamine board. However, due to the pollution of dairy products in China, it was forced to change its name. In the industry, it was collectively referred to as paint free board or ecological board, but the ecological board was too general.

“Ecological board” is one of the resin adhesives used to make this kind of board. The paper with different colors or textures is soaked in the resin, dried to a certain degree of curing, and then paved on the surface of the substrate. After hot pressing, it is a decorative board. The standard name is "ecological board impregnated with adhesive film paper facing wood-based panel".

Advantages of ecological board

Make full use of wood In order to better protect the environment, save wood and realize the full utilization of wood. Solid wood ecological board uses solid wood as the core of the board and is processed through a certain process, which reduces wood waste and promotes ecological sustainable development.

Paint free, easy to disassemble and assemble

Since the use of paint is avoided for the ecological board, the metal hardware is used to connect the plate, which is easy to build and dismantle, greatly improves the decoration progress and reduces the unnecessary decoration cost.

Various decoration styles

There are many kinds of decoration styles, such as Chinese style, European style, modern simple style and rural decoration style.

Stable shape, not easy to deform

Pure solid wood furniture without treatment is easy to be affected by temperature and humidity and deformation. However, the ecological board furniture is not easy to deform and the effect is more stable after special processing.

Environmental safety

Regular brand manufacturers mostly use high temperature cold hot pressing technology, ecological board uses non aldehyde thermoplastic resin instead of glue, more stringent environmental standards, more stable bonding.

Disadvantage of ecological boards

The surface is not natural

Some consumers choose solid wood ecological board customized panel furniture, after two or three years there will be a serious situation of wardrobe fading. The reason: because the small ecological board brand chooses the color paste paper as the decorative paper, the quality is naturally worse than the ink paper, easy to fade and lack of natural color.

Environmental protection index not up to standard

Reasons: in order to maximize the benefits, some bad board enterprises use inferior materials and unqualified glue to produce ecological board, which is easy to release formaldehyde and other harmful substances to human body, which is not regular enough in environmental protection, and the quality of after-sales service can not be guaranteed.