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High viscosity pump has good performance, can meet the use of different industries, in the use of possible failures and defects, the group should pay attention to the daily maintenance work in the usual use, in the maintenance of many ways need to pay attention to, in accordance with the problems and principles of good control, can fully demonstrate the function and life value. High viscosity pump in the maintenance of attention.

  High viscosity pump in the daily use of attention to preserve the electric pumping pump should be placed in a dry, clean and no corrosive gases in the environment. Save each part and exchange the same parts, in the disassembly inspection gear oil pump, should save each part, pay special attention to the explosion-proof parts of the explosion-proof surface can not make its damage pulling hair including insulation liner and casing, such as damage, exchange the same parts on the new, shall not use substitute materials lower than the performance of the raw material or the original specification does not match the parts, assembly should be installed in accordance with the original position of all parts, can not be missed.

  In recent years, surface adhesive coating technology has been widely used in China's equipment maintenance, applicable to the repair of various materials of parts and equipment. Its working principle is to join the molybdenum disulfide, metal powder, ceramic powder and fiber filler adhesive, directly coated on the surface of the material or parts, so that it has, corrosion resistance and other functions, mainly for the surface and. Its process is simple, convenient and flexible, does not require special equipment, only need to be equipped with a good glue coated on the surface of the cleaned parts, to be cured for trimming can be, often at room temperature operation, will not make the parts produce heat equivalent impact and deformation, etc.. High-viscosity pump adhesive coating process is relatively simple, but the actual construction requirements are quite strict, only with a good choice of adhesive, can not get high adhesive coating strength. Both to choose the right adhesive, but also in strict accordance with the correct process method to sticky coating suitable adhesive, but also in strict accordance with the correct process method to sticky coating in order to obtain a satisfactory sticky coating effect.