Import Fine Quality Low Pressure Fuel Pump In Bulk From China

Manufacturer Part Number: EFP3613A
Interchange Part Number: F000TE1768 EP382 P60852 SP1164 127-E 13894365
Aplication: Pontiac Buick Oldsmobile Chevrolet 1980-1995
Working PressureTerms: 1 BAR
Fuel Pump Type:Gasoline

In many modern cars, the fuel pump is usually electric, located in the tank. The pump creates positive pressure in the fuel line and pushes the gasoline to the engine. The fuel pressure must be within certain specifications for the engine to operate properly. If the fuel pressure is too high, the engine will run rough and rich in fuel, and will not burn all the fuel pumped, making the engine inefficient and become a pollutant. If the pressure is too low, the engine may run lean, misfire or stall. Whether you are interested in our fuel pump products as made by top automobile parts factory, inquiry from us for more specification with competitive price.


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Ningbo or Shanghai Port, China

Certification IATF16949


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Factory Introduction

Our existing plant covers an area of more than 25,000 square meters, (the new plant of 46,000 square meters is expected to be completed in May 2021). We have  more than 400 employees, including more than 40 technical R&D personnel and more than 30 quality inspection personnel. Our company has successively introduced 3 fully automated pump assembly lines and 3 automatic test benches, 3 fully automatic armature production lines, a central plastic feeding system, and robotic operations to achieve fully automatic intelligent manufacturing.  Our brand is sold to Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

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