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Manufacturer Part Number: EFP3813A
Interchange Part Number: 23220-28090
Aplication: TOYOTA RAV4
Working PressureTerms: 4 BAR
Fuel Pump Type:Gasoline

First, the electric fuel pump does not have much drawing power, but it has a lot of pump power. If it is a carbohydrate pump, It should be installed as close to the bottom of the fuel tank as possible. Second, the fuel pressure must be within certain specifications for the engine to operate properly. If the fuel pressure is too high, the engine will run rough and rich in fuel, and will not burn all the fuel pumped, making the engine inefficient and become a pollutant. If the pressure is too low, the engine may run lean, misfire or stall. As leading Automotive fuel pump factory in China, we ensure the quality and quantities of production,


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